Seeing so many music band Malays in the country music world, Bondan Prakoso also take a stand by creating a new band as newest project. This was disclosed by Blend, Bondan manager, when contacted by phone.

"Bondan and I had time to talk about Malay yes. Actually it's gini, dangdut's segment is no longer on the market and compounded by the existence of music piracy. Automatic when Malay dangdut fans sticking it to level up come listen to Malay. Why can nge-like boom so, "said Blend.

ak's nothing wrong with the band Malays, but the unfortunate Blend and Bondan are those qualities that are not maintained.

"Several times a fitting ngelihat live, drums still not stable, his guitar sound is also not preserved, so very dear," said Blend lamented.

"If indeed the people of Indonesia like, said Bondan dong does its quality should be maintained. Perhaps there is hell, can not be resisted. But why how perfunctory quality, do not came like that," he added.

Therefore, in order not dominated by band-band Malays alone, Bondan also formed a rock band Thursday.

"Bondan there is a new project," said Blend. "The format has not been able dikeluarin band but yes, he was again waiting for the right moment."

"The band rock. Bondan as a producer, bassist, 100% singing. He sees the band rocknya not now, Malay all hell, hahaha," he concluded.
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